About Us


AVA Chemical is always adhered to its set standards and never compromise on providing outstanding services & taking care of the required safety.

Trust and Passion

Passion is one of the substantial factors that leads the company to serve with quality, and the trust gained out of it can earn prosperity to not only the company but also the customers. Therefore, AVA Chemical strives hard to build trust by serving as a passionate distributor


To work with honesty, morality &code of conduct is the only way of progress at AVA Chemical


To be crystal clear with people not only builds strong relationship between the company and the client, but also creates good image in and builds trust within the industry, benefitting both in their respective business in all aspects. Therefore, to be transparent with the suppliers and the customers is AVA’s topmost priority, as the company shares all the necessary information and documents to the clients without hiding any details in it, and that builds utmost trust within the parties


Get the perfect chemicals

AVA Chemical embarked on its journey in 2006 as a distributing company offering a range of specialty chemicals and value added products for industries like Cosmetic& Personal Care, Soap & Detergents, Paints & Coating, Cleaning &Hygiene, Textile & Water Treatment Chemicals across Nigeria.

The company, apart from playing the role of a distributor, also acts as an importer, stockiest and supply chain partners for their valuable customers, and offers distinguished services which include imports, agency business, domestic sales of various chemicals.

AVA Chemical owns warehouses that are strategically anchored in Lagos, through which the company employs its prominent services across all the zones of Nigeria.


The company is flourished with a purpose to

  • Be a responsible & reliable distributing partner of customers
  • empower individuals to a step ahead in life and in business
  • render quality selling, and drive the
  • progress of customer as well as the nation

    Our Partners

    AVA chemical is the authorized distributor for leading MNCs.